Search Engine Optimization depends on various issues. Completing these things, great SEO signal. Google includes almost 100 major things which directly effect on SEO. You can follow these Google ranking factors which absolutely nice thing.

If you become a successful blogger, you must get an SEO ranking first. Because of that thing totally important for blogging. Because bloggers success depends on traffic. But you never get lot’s traffic without SEO.

Google includes various algorithm in its ranks. That help to understand crawler bot original content, links or other matter. After Google August Core Algorithm Update 2018, these factors still leading. Here I discuss 50 killer ranking signal for getting success quickly.

1. Domain Age: An active and old domain always carry the great thing to boost ranking. In fact, it increases your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) nicely.

2. Whois Record: Fresh WhoIs record great signal for SEO. It can clearly notify Google that, it’s spam free. But having private WhoIs bad for a blog health.

3. Local TLD: Having a country based Top Level Domain one of the greatest benefits of local SEO. You can buy a local domain (e.g.,, to increase local traffic.

4. Server Speed: the Fastest server always better for page speed. That attract more readers and search engine bot like that blog. Choose at least 99.99% uptime server.

5. Loading Speed: If your blog loads fast, it can improve ranking. Reduce your file size, compress images, remove javascript from the header or other issues can help better. That excellent thing to reduce blog speed.

6. Using HTTPS: Google clearly said that SSL certificate most important ranking factor. To install an SSL certificate for your blog to secure users data.

7. Responsive Design: Almost 55% of web traffic came from mobile devices. Build a responsive blog design for all kinds of devices.

8. Keyword in Title: Keep your focus keyword in the article title. That directly increase your Google search ranking. You can use the best keyword research tools for getting the title of the exact post with optimization.

9. Keyword in Description: There have almost 200 SEO ranking factors. But unless keeping the keyword in the meta description, you ranking never boost. In fact, CTR will be reduced.

10. Keyword in Heading Tags: From H2 to H6, keep your focus keyword, long tail keyword tactically. Because it can boost your search engine visibility.

11. Length of Content: Writing a too long article, one of the trusted score. Because these long content will boost ranking immediately.

12. Keyword Density: Google directly gives a penalty if there have keyword stuffing. Just control your density and keep an average 2% each post.

13. Table of Content: This help readers to note an important point of content. They easily go these point and read correct timing.

14. Using LSI Keyword: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) important to boost Google ranking for a new blog. In fact, you can drive more traffic using this technique.

15. Rel=Canonical Tag: If you don’t set the URL canonical version, Google bot may confuse. If you have www or non-www version, indicate that bot using Rel=Canonical tag.

16. Updated Content: Google like up to date articles. That help to increase your search ranking. Update your old content once a month. Most of the blogger do this common Search Engine Optimization mistakes. Take it seriously.

17. Duplicate Content: Writing duplicate content totally harmful to SEO. That causes for getting a penalty. Ignore that thing and write evergreen fresh content.

18. Optimize Images: You must use compressed, supported format images to drive image search traffic. Give proper ALT tag with the title. That’s a complete guide for image SEO.

19. Keywords in the First Paragraph: Having your main keyword in the first 100 words, one of the great ranking signal. It’s can attract more readers and improve long-time ranking.

20. Spelling Mistakes: SEO one of the continuous process. Every Google algorithm update, it brings something new feature. Right now and in future, you can’t rank properly except great spelling article.

21. Outbound Links: Give some high authority and relevance outbound links always great signal. It can bring great SEO success. Google bot identify that your post really has relevancy.

22. Multimedia Usage: Using some images, videos in your posts, always include extra authority to Google. Readers choose that content which has some interesting and related images. Using YouTube embedded videos another great point to attract readers.

23. Broken Links Solution: Having broken links in your blog may damage your SEO score. Because these link never carries a value of any pages. Solve these pages and properly boost ranking.

24. Deep Internal Linking: Do you need to boost search engine ranking? Just link your blog internal pages deeply and keep relevancy. It also reduces your blog bounce rate.

25. Easy Understandable Article: If there have a proper reading level in content, your readers choose your blog. Because they never choose complex articles. Because it harms them to understand the content summary.
26. Length of URL: You must keep short post URL. Because long URL always ignored by Google bot. Just keep article main name here.

27. Relevant Category: Keeping your content in the right category, always good ranking signal. Because bot detects that it’s in the right category and the right place.

28. Breadcrumbs: Using breadcrumbs navigation in posts help readers to access the whole blog easily. In fact, Google also shows result nicely with breadcrumb URL.

29. Keyword in URL: Keep your keyword in the post URL. Because it’s a great thing to understand both visitors and search engine about the content summary.

30. Bullets and Numbers: Your post important points must be in bullets and numbers. That completely help readers to find some important point in the article.

31. Important Pages: If you keep about us, contact us and privacy policy pages in the blog, it helps readers to understand your blog. In fact, Google also understands. If there doesn’t have these pages, your blog may be affected by bad SEO.

32. Schema Markup: If you are using Schema, that one of the biggest trust score to Google. For that, you can show something special in SERP.

33. Google Search Console and Google Analytics: Most of the expert blogger thought that Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics greatest part of traffic generates.

34. Backlink to Root Domain: Building backlinks to your main domain, one of the trust score. Because you will be ranked for whole blog content if you have root domain proper linking.

35. Backlink to Targeted URL: To rank your specific posts, you must manually build some quality links for these posts. Because you must rank them first. It’s greatest off page search engine optimization method.

35. Anchor Text Density: During backlinking, you must control anchor text stuffing. Keep anchor variation when building links.

36. Competitors Link: Getting backlinks from your competitor’s blog most important chapter. Because their blog similar to your and they give some link juice for your blog.

37. Nofollow Links: To build natural backlinks, you must build nofollow links also. Because it brings natural looking when you building too dofollow links.

38. Do Guest Post: Expert blogger said that it’s the father of getting referral traffic. In fact, it boosts your ranking fast. But you must do guest blogging from high authority and related blogs only.

39. Proper 301 Redirect: If your blog some pages missing or create a new post, properly redirect them using 301. Because it helps the reader to get the same content.

40. Relevant Backlink: Using link building techniques, improve SEO value and ranking. That also increase referral traffic. But you must have backlinks from your niche related blogs. That increased the value of your blog.

41. Authority Links: Getting your links from a high authority site, one of the good factor. If you have high DA & PA backlinks, then it’s actually a good thing. Getting backlinks from .edu and .gov sites, another great factor.

42. Natural Links: Having lot’s of natural links, always good for blog SEO health. Just build your links manually and no spam here.

43. Link Age: Your backlink age one of the greatest thing of ranking. Because an old link always carries value for ranking. Newly backlinks never give traffic or ranking anyway.

44. Bounce Rate: If your blog has to bounce rate, it completely harms your ranking. Because Google understands that, readers don’t like your blog. Just control your page bounce and boost ranking.

45. Social Signal: Today social media most important platform worldwide. Lot’s of traffic alive here daily. Getting social traffic increase your page authority and also increase trust score. You can use the social sharing wp plugin to your blog to get more share.

46. Lot’s of Comments: If your posts have enough regular comments, it mostly good point of blogging. Because Google thought that, readers get enough content from your website.

47. Direct Traffic: Having some direct web traffic one of the nice SEO matter. Because it increases your traffic and reduces bounce rate. Google always like these direct traffic.

48. Social Profile: Before starting SEO step, you must create your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). These help to increase your blog trust score and boost traffic by social media.

49. Forget Over-Optimization: Over optimization totally harmful for ranking. That causes for getting a penalty. Just avoid making unnatural backlinks, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, etc.

50. CDN Usage: Content Delivery Network helps the reader to access your log files from their nearest data center. It helps to load your blog fast and making them satisfied.

Understand Google Ranking Factors?

If you have newly launched blog and getting ranking, traffic fast, then you must follow these factors. Because they completely go beyond your blog. But your blog must have enough quality articles and then follow these major ranking issue. If there have a lack of these things, you never succeed in blogging.