Backlinks one of the important off-page optimization strategy. Because it helps to find challenge your competitors and also drive some referral traffic also. After making some links for your money blog, you must indexes backlinks using best backlink checker tools. Because it’s can help your blogging to know the way of SEO. In fact, you can identify the white hat or black hat SEO.

Although link building still an important thing to make your blog as an authority, you must monitor backlinks regularly. So you need to choose a smart and definitive backlink analysis tool for better checking.

Free Backlink Checker Tools

Your ranking tactically depends on your link building strategies. If you need to analysis your competitors or check your website backlinks, then you must choose the following tools. Because they help to improve your ranking on search engine overnight.

1. Check Backlinks by SmallSEOTools

Small SEO Tools always called as All in One SEO online software. Because they offer unlimited online SEO facilities without cost. If you build links for your website and need to check them, then go here and you will open their website. Enter your blog URL and complete captcha verification. Now you will the results for sources and their anchor text.

2. Backlink Watch

If you though to deep search your website backlinks, then you can trustfully use backlinkwatch. Because this is one of the popular free backlink checking tools. However, you able to get 1,000 backlink result per search and able to check unlimited times every day. You will get your result with anchor text, backlink source, the total number of backlinks, no follow or do follow the signal, etc. Just start today and enjoy the benefits of the tool.

3. OpenLinkProfiler

As a blogger, you just need to check backlinks for SEO. It’s one of the important essential issues for every blogger. Because that help to take action to rank more on Google. Using the, you able to analyze website backlink and that can help to learn more knowledge for Search Engine Optimization. Using this online tool, you can know Link Influence Score, Backlink source with the page title, Anchor text, and targeted page, Category of the link, Added on the database and many more features.

4. Linkminer

You can now check your website backlinks using Linkminer by Mongols. For quick and short time checking, you just choose them. Because they are all time best and amazing tool to check your website links. But you can check only limited times per day and to check more, you just need to upgrade your plan free to premium. Using this tool, you can identify whole blog backlinks sources, do follow-no follow ratio, backlink spam score, IP location, and much more important information. In fact, you can know the latest and lost links. Which one of the amazing thing for bloggers. Just start checking now and let’s learn about your backlink profile.

5. SEMRush

SERMRush offer both trial and premium version feature for users. You can check daily limited times in your free account. However, for unlimited checking every single day, you can upgrade their premium plan. You can analyze your competitors, targeted keyword with the anchor, etc. If you need to research keyword using SEMRush, the put your keyword and then search. You will see the search volume, competitors and related keywords too. I think it’s awesome for you.


You can find many online backlink checker tools. But all of them are not perfect for you. You can choose above these five amazing to analyze backlinks from your competitors. It helps to boost your ranking, safe website from algorithm penalty and many more issues.