Off-Page SEO largest and important point of ranking. Because that can make your site trust to Google. There have various tactics to do your off-page things. Making the perfect link building one of the important points of them. For advance level SEO, you must have strong linking to high authority sites and also have some traffic from social media. These things are an important matter for Search Engine Optimization.

Having some important links to relevant, high authority blog great turning point. Your blog can’t get enough traffic or challenge competitors except for backlinks. So you must think it important and do perfect work.

In the blogging industry, you always race with your competitors. Because of, if you don’t challenge your similar blogs, you can get rank properly.

Thought Before Building Backlinks

If you want to start your off-page techniques, you must get ready for it. Because it’s not a funny game, it’s a reality. Just get ready and think following issues before going on link building tactics. Here I share updated and working method. In Future SEO, these will still work and bring lot’s referral traffic from a various internet source.

1. Niche Relevant

Getting lot’s of backlinks from an irrelevant source never brings success. In fact, that highly causes for algorithm penalty. So, stop that harmful technique right now.

Always mind that, getting 1 quality link better than 10,000 bad links. So, think before and take your right decision now.

If you have a sports-related blog and rank better, you must have some quality backlinks with nice anchor text. These links also are getting from your sports related blog. Which mostly trust flow to Google’s eye.

2. High Authority

When you want to get backlinks from any blog, research them perfectly. If you analyze them perfectly, it takes a few minutes only. That saves your blog from the largest harmful penalty.

Before submitting your website to others, you must check their DA & PA using Open Site Explorer. That can also help you to get a spam score also.

Always try to avoid getting backlinks from less than 20 DA sites. Because it doesn’t have enough authority and they never pass good link juice to your website.

3. Quality Traffic

Traffic most important part of the blog. But if there have no traffic, blogging totally valueless. So, when you looking for links, just analyze their traffic, source, and popularity.

If there have no traffic, getting these links totally stupid. Because getting some referral traffic one of the important SEO scores. I personally suggest you to getting links only from most popular blogs. Because they have enough traffic, rankings and link juice. Which is the plus point for your blog?

4. Website Age

If you rank your website fast, you must have some quality links. But a child website never gives you this grantee. Because it’s a totally new blog and doesn’t have any Authority, Traffic, and Ranking. In fact, it may damage your SEO score. I recommended building¬†quality backlinks from at least 6 months old blogs. It’s one of the smart ideas for smart bloggers. Just take it easy and wait for strong links. If you have a new blog, then firstly it will show ranking dance on Google’s SERP. Just wait a few days and your blog will go old day by day. For that reason, your page authority will also increase.

5. Length of Article

Google love quality and long content. If your post has at least 600 words, it’s one of the quality content. But less than 500 words article never like a quality thing. When you need to get backlinks, always choose long articles. Because of too long articles = too long time ranking. Expert bloggers recommended to getting backlinks from 1500 words article. Because it’s totally high-quality article and always give high-quality external sources.

6. Number of Quality Backlinks

There have various ranking factors of Google. Getting quality external links from another trust flow link based blog, another great ranking factor. If you want to get some quality links from another site, check their backlink profile using backlink checker tools. You must analyze their backlink profile perfectly (such as backlink source, number of quality backlinks, relevant or not, etc). If you analyze that perfectly, I challenge you will get a lot of quality links.

Link Building Techniques 2018

So, let’s go to know the trending and definitive techniques to get quality links. Just follow these 8 thinks, that enough for your blog. Because these link building strategies completely updated, comparable for any Google updates and get rank fast.

1. Do-Follow Blog Comments

Maximum bloggers thought that blog comments dead. But they are wrong and actually quality based comments never dead. You must target your niche relevant blogs which allow comments. But at present, we saw that maximum bloggers turn on the no-follow option in comments. But it’s okay and there was no problem. Because getting no-follow backlinks also important for do-follow vs no-follow ratio.

But How to Do DoFollow Blog Comments?

  1. You must choose niche related blog
  2. Write post related long comment
  3. Keep an answer for writer smartly (that help to getting approval fast)
  4. Use your real name here
  5. Put your Email for future updates
  6. Leave your blog link here

If you follow above these techniques, you got quality blog comments links. In fact, your comment will be approved very fast.

2. Social Media Submission

Having some social traffic most important trust flow. Because of Google like your social traffic and rank fast. There have various social sharing platform and choose only the high authority only. No need to share multiple platforms. I think, 5-6 social media enough for social trust score.

You can read this article to know about some high authority social sharing platform. They have 90 UP DA and a lot of traffic. Just share your link and drive some traffic. In fact, you will get some backlinks from here.

3. Guest Article

If you need quality backlink building, then it’s the exact point. Because guest posting the most important and treasure of traffic. You can drive a million traffic for a lifetime if you have some quality guest post. That helps your blog to get traffic and ranking also.

Before building a quality guest post, you just need to do:

  • Choose niche relevant blog
  • Write high-quality long content
  • Link to your blog post with good anchor text
  • Ignore nofollow here
  • If the possible link from the beginning of the post

Although, guest posting king of getting a backlink, you must try best. Because today we can’t get it free. But if you write excellent content, you can drive huge free traffic to your blog.

4. Forum Posting

You can never miss the forum networks. Because here you can build profile backlinks, dofollow and nofollow links. But it’s a huge risk for spam. Because lot’s of spammer link their spam blogs.

But you do not need to build too many links from here. Simply signup popular forum community and stay continue here. Firstly just comment others post and write some simple topic without a link. After 2 weeks, start your strategy to build great links. Always mind that, keep article only related category and take links using great anchor text.

5. Broken Link Techniques

In this blogging era, bloggers satisfy to make link building smartly. For that, they discover various strategies. Broken links one of the smart but long time process. You can get extra traffic and authority if you successfully build some broken links.

But this method not too easy and also not shortcut the process. You must hard work to get these links from a high authority website. Because of only 10% of blogger success in getting these links. Just use some broken link checker tools, find dead links from your competitors or relevant niche and get success.

6. Niche Targeted Directory

There are various techniques which help to get ultimate ranking. You can submit your blog to niche related directories, local directories for local SEO and high authority directory. That one of the oldest but still working backlink building method.

You just need to find some high authority and high traffic blog directories. Because they listed your blog to their website and you get some backlink. I suggest submitting your blog only a few directories. Because they not too important. So, just some links enough for proper search engine signal.

7. Profile Backlinks

Getting profile backlink from high ranked website totally smart way. Because you get quality links from here and no need to work hard. It’s also called as one kind of basic backlink. But the value is high.

Simply go to various website and signup. Then complete your profile with giving proper information, uploading a profile photo, etc. Finally, put your homepage URL in the URL field. Then save and you’re complete this step!

8. Manual Web 2.0

Building web 2.0 backlinks totally important to increase blog authority. You must complete these step tactically. Because there was a huge risk to get a penalty. But it’s important to park of SEO. Many bloggers thought that it’s not important & some bloggers thought it’s basic backlinking. But actually, it’s one of the advanced level SEO strategies.

There have various things to make your manual web 2.0 blog. Find web 2.0 platforms (like Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, etc) and create your sub-domain based blogs here. You must write at least 500 words article to make these blog quality. Finally linking to your money site with good anchor text.


In this article, I try to discuss advanced level link building techniques which important now. Just focus your backlink making using these methods. If there have no mistakes, you will get success, traffic and ranking very fast. It depends totally with your smart decision. If there doesn’t make any mistakes above these methods, you get success, I challenge!