Blog commenting sites allow sharing your own website URL. That help to increase your ranking and great SEO score. In fact, that brings lot’s referral traffic also. If you write some excellent comment, then any traffic will be converted to your blog. That most important point of blogging for bloggers.

If you have some quality do follow backlinks, then it direct help to improve your traffic, ranking. In fact, it’s one of the off-page search engine optimization chapter. So you just need to make some natural comment. It also helps to improve great communication to expert bloggers. Just be regular and make your successful blogging career. Once you have approved, then it will be visible forever.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

If you have some quality backlinks from comments, it has the following SEO benefits:

– Improve your Google ranking and drive quality traffic

– You got some quality referral traffic from the website. It helps to improve your blog authority.

– Build a great relationship between a famous blogger and you.

– Increase your blogging experience and learn new blogging methods.

– Get evergreen blog post idea and it helps to write more article to your website.

Before Blog Commenting, You Must Know

Yes, it’s important to have some natural comments from the various blog. But making spam comments and unnatural links harm for blog SEO health. You must know the following things before start your commenting:

  • Write on high page rank blogs and it’s most important SEO score
  • Always choose niche related blogs and then comment. Otherwise, you will get a penalty for irrelevant links
  • Use your real name, email to get an instant approval
  • Write an awesome and easily understandable comment
  • After reading the whole article, keep a relevant note
  • Ask some question to the author. It helps to get approval very fast
  • You can put URL in the box and then submit
  • If possible get backlinks from the comment body using great anchor text
  • It’s one of these off page SEO techniques and just take care

Nofollow vs Dofollow Comments

You must build both dofollow and nofollow comments. Because it controls your spam score and helps to rank fast. There has no SEO value for no follow links but also have. Only making do follow backlinks causes for unnatural linking. So, if there have a nofollow ration, your blog will save. Google says to make both of these types linking. It also helps to increase page authority. If your blog has 80 comments, then try to keep at least 30 nofollow of them. Otherwise, your SEO never increase perfectly.

Best Blog Commenting Sites

If your blog has enough content, some quality traffic or good design, then you’re ready. Just select your niche related blogs from bellow and start keeping your valued comments now. Don’t forget to write a natural comment. Because it helps to get a comment approved fast. Go to these Blogging Tips and Tricks Niche website, read the article, write your name, write your email address, put your website URL and finally Submit a comment.


Just go these site, read articles continue and then put comments. But always follow above these tips to success commenting. Just start your basic search engine optimization by using these best blog sites. If you thought to make more, then you can share using social bookmarking sites.