Blogging most smart passion in this smart age. You can make yourself a success in blogging by taking some simple solution. There have various to get success in this field. Both on-page and off page SEO important factor for every blogger success. Accepting some easy and friendly things can make your blog a higher rank in Google. In fact, that drive lot’s of traffic from various source of internet.

Off Page SEO Strategies

Google brings various algorithm updates for the ranking matter. If you pass these factors, you can be getting lot’s traffic. In fact, you can get your blog on the front page of Google. To make these ranking factor great, you can highlight your off page search engine optimization nicely.

What is Off-Page SEO?

In the on-site SEO chapter, we discuss your blog matter. Outside of on page things are known as off-page. That helps to build strong backlinks to rank your blog. In fact, you can drive a million referral traffic from various web sources.

Having lot’s of referral traffic to your blog, one of the greatest SEO signal. It helps to boost your SEO ranking fast. In fact, it’s directly boosting your DA and PA.

Preparing Blog for Link Building

Before starting link building steps, you must complete your on-site things. You must have a complete technical error-free theme. In fact, you must check your whole blog again and again. If there have any technical issue or on-page mistakes, it never brings SEO success.

You just solve all kinds of on-site mistakes, include page speed. Then start your link building matter. It helps in getting success very fast.

11 Secret Off-Site SEO Strategies 2018

Today here I highlight 11 important things to boost your out page SEO score. Just follow these secret points and apply to your blog tactically.

1. Target Social Traffic

Social media most important source of traffic. Because of million and million users active at a time. If you know how to drive social visitors, you can boost a lot’s traffic. But you have enough techniques about the social platform. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus mostly used by users. Just share your blog posts here and drive them to your blog.

Before sharing your content to a social profile, you must have nicely completed social profile. You can create a business page for your blog. That helps to make your brand. Write some description, share relevant photos and drive this social human to your website.

2. Guest Contributor

Writing guest posts to authority blog can convert huge traffic. This is the most important off-site optimization technique. If you need extra ranking with your targeted keyword, you must write some quality guest posts. You can be linking to your blog post with great anchor text. Your anchor text carries the largest success to the rank keyword.

You must submit your guest article to niche related. Because of relevancy one of the ranking signal. If you get a link from an irrelevant blog, it causes to get Google penalty. Write long content to increase post value and build natural links.

3. Social Bookmarking

Getting backlinks from social bookmarking sites, one of the green SEO signal. Because they always carry trust value and give some authority links. You can share your articles on various social platform. It can drive a lot’s traffic and also increase authority. Because having some social link important to boost SEO.

No need to share your every blog post here. You just share mostly important, highlighted or money content here. You can write sharable content which helps to share more by readers. It’s the greatest success for you.

4. Video Sharing

In this era, people addicted to watching many videos. They use YouTube, Dailymotion, etc to watch video online. You can build some video about your blog or niche related. Then upload to a video platform with a source link. You can get some traffic from here. It’s most and most important off page optimization techniques ever.

If there have too many views, people can click your links to get more information. You also can use embedded video to your content. It makes your article SEO friendly and natural also.

5. Answer and Question

People finding lot’s of their question online. For that, they use the answer-question website. Yahoo answer most popular for that. But using these media, you can drive some traffic to your blog tactically. Register these blogs and complete your profile first. You can firstly ask any question about your any problem. You also can give some answer to any one question. After a few days, you can start sharing your links using answer. But avoid thinking about spam.

6. DoFollow Blog Comments

Some bloggers think that comments backlinks were dead. But no, it still works. If you make here spam, you are the wrong way. You just share your link using comments smartly. You can write small but attractive relevant post comment. Then share your blog in the URL field. After approval of your comments, this backlink highly great for ranking. Sometimes, many comment links will nofollow. Don’t worry, it also helps to bring a natural backlink score.

7. Forum Posting

Getting some backlink from the forum community, one of the awesome idea. It can increase your referral traffic and these traffic help to boost off page score. Forum community mostly risky for getting fresh links. Because maximum forum has lot’s spammer.

But you avoid these spam community and choose the popular forum. Complete your profile and start your discussion. When you will primary, they don’t allow to share blog URL in the post. But after 30 days or more, they allow you to share. But you must write a long topic and share your blog URL using natural anchor text.

8. Directory Submission

Having some links in a popular directory, one of SEO benefit. Because this directory has the greatest page rank and they can drive some traffic to your blog. Having lot’s referral traffic from directory sites, one of big SEO signal. But you must list your blog only niche related high authority directory. Otherwise, it decreases your ranking and makes bed SEO effect.

9. Edu and Gov Backlinks

During making backlink, you must keep variation. Because getting links from same types domain can build unnatural SEO effect. To avoid that matter, you also can build edu and gov blog backlink. Because of the most important fact to boost your blog ranking. Google likes your Educational and Government blog link. Because they have enough authority and never give you spam links. But if you are able to keep here relevancy, you got SERP benefits within a few days.

10. Image Submission

You can get some extra traffic by submitting your photos to the image sharing platform. This technique can drive extra traffic which you never thought. In fact, this is the greatest off-page SEO factors to boost your Google rank. A Pinterest good example of sharing photos. Just create some post related photos or capture, then share with perfect description. But never forget to share with your post URL. Avoid copyrighted images here. Because it can harm your SEO strategies.

11. Local Traffic Strategies

To increase your local business, you must have lot’s local traffic. Because that absolute idea to boost your sell and increase product value. To drive your targeted local visitors, you must do local SEO. You can submit your blog to a local directory. Setup a Google Plus business page with local information. Do not forget to add your business in Google Maps. Because it can directly help to drive local traffic. Advertise your blog in AdWords with Geo-tagging. You also can run local TV campaign to sell more in your country.

Final Thoughts

Your blog never boosts perfectly if there have a lack of off page SEO techniques. These can increase the biggest success for your website. Star your off-site strategies smartly and get more traffic from various internet source. Before getting search engine traffic, if you have some referral traffic, search engine thought that your blog has enough content. For that, Google ranks your blog fast. Just highlights this 11 thing in you outside SEO.