To getting SEO ranking, you need to maintain a few techniques. But maximum bloggers make some common SEO mistakes. As a result, they miss traffic, ranking or many things. If you thought to solve this problem, you just need to know the solution for it. In this article, you will know how to solve SEO wrongs.

1. Choose Wrong Keywords

Publishing your niche related articles, a great point of Search Engine Optimization. If your is related to fashion design, then do not post an article about shopping. Just write about fashion with different techniques. It helps to boost more ranking and traffic also. Because having related content, readers also love this. But if there have irrelevant content, Google and readers skip your website forever.

2. Writing Duplicate Content

Google highly hate duplicate matter and damage your SEO. If you need to get proper ranking, you must write 100% unique content. Because everybody like the fresh thing to read each time. Try to post different thing and also avoid plagiarism. If you follow someone’s article, just follow it’s the main point and write a description with your own idea.

3. Publishing Low-Quality Article

There have too many ranking factors in Google and it’s one of them. If you continue publishing a poor quality article, you got an algorithm penalty. Which decrease your traffic, ranking. I thought, writing less than 400 words article is low quality. So, write long content and try to write more than 1000 words. Always remember more words, more rank.

4. Poor Quality Title & Description

Many bloggers don’t know how to do on-page SEO. For that reason, then loss tons of ranking benefits. To make a healthy SEO blog, you must optimize your post title and meta description smartly. Write a unique and easily understandable title for the post. A post title always carries the value of the article. You can choose a complete brief for the content using description. Write up to 320 characters or less as need.

5. Don’t Have Mobile Friendly Design

Most of the internet traffic coming from smartphone devices. So, you must highlight the mobile index first. You must choose a responsive design for all devices. It helps to index your mobile content first and increase page loading speed also. There have many themes which optimized for mobile phones. Choose them and cheer.

6. Not Using Analytics

Most of the newbie blogger doesn’t use analytics to track their traffic. It’s the biggest and common SEO mistakes ever. If you not installing this awesome tool, you will be missing┬ásomething SEO benefits. Because there have lot’s thing to know about your visitors. You can know their path, location, and more important things. You can see real-time traffic using Google Analytics. It’s a totally important thing to take the right decision. If you have enough traffic, then you can boost income.

7. Forgetting Social Media

Social traffic most important to boost ranking and blog authority. One of the largest parts of people spends their time on the social platform. If you can drive them, it can boost your ranking easily. Because of Google like this traffic and think, it’s positive. Create your business page on the social platform (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and drive traffic from here.

8. Not Enough Links

Link building important for SEO and it increase referral traffic. If you don’t have links from high authority blog, you’re missing lot’s thing. Having a link to this high PR blog, increase your traffic, authority. Write some guest post and start getting these quality links. If your blog got popularity, then you will be featured in many blogs. That another point of success.

9. Keyword Stuffing

Writing articles with deep keyword stuffing, one of the most common SEO mistakes. It causes to get banned from SERP. If you think to get ranking, just focus your natural content writing. Never try to write stuffing and it never brings success. It’s one of the black hat SEO methods. Say goodbye this.

10. Do not Add Media

Having some media files like images videos great SEO score. Not adding related images or videos, one of the on-page SEO mistakes. Just attract more visitors by adding some relevant photos, embedded videos from YouTube. Because it chances to index post first and drives traffic first.