SEO is a technique which helps to rank on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). There shows up to 10 results on each page. If your blog posts found in these results, then you can get lot’s traffic. But before getting rank here, you need to analyze your competitors, publish high quality and useful contents, share to social media or many more. Today you will learn beginner’s guide to Search Engine Optimization and able to rank the first page on Google.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog. But getting organic traffic from search engines, you need to follow some rules. These rules called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You can drive huge organic and free traffic without cost. That’s are the prime benefit of this. If you have a question about What is SEO, I hope it solved here.

Before starting SEO, you need to complete your On-Site SEO. Because it’s most important for getting traffic from Google. If your blog has these things, then you need to focus your Off-Site SEO. Because it helps to drive referral traffic from various sources of internet. It also helps to increase the domain authority of your blog.

Types of SEO

If you’re an expert blogger, then you already know about the two types of SEO. In fact, they are a basic thing in blogging. But if are beginners, then it’s important for you. Because of that prime thing on ranking.

Some bloggers ask that how to do SEO? If you interest to drive organic traffic, then you can learn here about kinds of SEO and their tutorial.

  1. On-Page SEO: You website based all things called on-page optimization. If you have any error in your blog, then you can’t go ahead and doesn’t succeed in blogging. While writing posts, you need to optimize titles, post meta description, friendly URL, keyword density, article length, etc. You can read Google’s 200 ranking factor to learn more about SEO.
  2. Off-Page SEO: Things which doing outside of your blog called off-page optimization. You will get more traffic from referral sources, social media or authority blogs. If you sure these things, then your blog will rank well and getting organic traffic from search engine.

SEO Resources:

If you want to learn Search Engine Optimization, then you need to read the following resources. Because that helps to know SEO A to Z things.
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7. Image SEO techniques
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9. Common SEO Mistakes

These resources help to boost your blog ranking, learn complete guide about SEO and many more things. But know that, SEO is a continuous process and you must learn and learn regularly. That you will be a success in blogging.