Blogger most popular free blogging platform by Google. If you want to start your blogging, you can choose a blogger. Because they give you free sub-domain based blog with free hosting. You can rank well using this amazing platform. Before starting you need to know the ultimate steps for Blogspot SEO. Without having this thing, you can’t success your blogging. There have both on page SEO and off page SEO strategies. You must take care of these for best ranking.

Secret Blogger SEO Techniques

If you want to drive organic traffic without any SEO mistakes, then you just take care of following tips and tricks. It brings the greatest success for your blogger search engine optimization. Everybody knows that there has no SEO plugin for blogger. So you just fill up these 12 things and bring success.

1. Publish Original Content

Having high-quality article, most important score for SEO. If your blog has duplicate contents, then it’s completely unable to get rank. In fact, you got an algorithm penalty from Google. If you have copy-paste habit, forget it now and enjoy SEO benefits. Just think and research any topic before write. The start writing and it will be original naturally. Before writing your content, you can use free keyword research tools to analyze your topic. Because it’s one of the great technique to boost blogger SEO.

2. Write SEO Friendly Title & Description

If you search on Google by typing any topic, you will see a million results. All of these results have a different title and for that, they got rank on the 1st page. Writing an attractive and unique title can increase more traffic. Because readers the first impression is the post title. You must write your title within 65 characters. Keep your focus keyword on the title and it will be more SEO friendly.

Now it’s time to create a short and easily understandable meta description. You can write up to 320 characters if need. Just write a short and summer able description and keep the keyword here also.

3. Keep Deep Interlinking

Are your reading Wikipedia regularly? If you are reading, then you will say that they use deep interlinking. Because it helps to decrease bounce and help to boost ranks. If you thought to boost blogger SEO, you must keep at least 2-5 related internal links to another page. It helps to drive readers to another related page in your blog. For that reason, they will spend more time in your blog and it’s the most important fact for ranking.

4. Relevant External Links

Most successful bloggers do this technique. Because it helps to understand Google bot that your post not irrelevant and helpful also. If you writing any content, then keep at least one external links to another related blog. You can link to high authority pages for better result. Because Google loves the thing and thought your post has enough value and also related. So, it’s great benefits of ranking.

5. Customize Robots.txt File

Blogger robots txt is most important for SEO. Because here you will allow or disallow the most important path or directory. If you want to ignore search engine bot from any pages, you can do here. You also can allow or disallow all pages also. You must add your blogger sitemap file here. Because Google bot easily find all contents together and index first. It’s a great thing for better optimization.

6. Custom Robot Header Tags

Optimizing blogger custom headers tags the most important SEO part. Because it helps to index your blog by search engine perfectly. If you have mistakes here, then your all Search Engine strategies gone wrong. You just go to Settings >> Search preferences >> Then customize bellow settings and finally save.

7. Customize URL

Google announced that long URLs bed for SEO. So, you must avoid these long URLs. You just include post keyword in URL and take these ranking facilities. But you must avoid support words from here (like to, when, ok, etc). Short links also help to understand people that it’s a perfect post for him/her. Just make it smartly and increase your readers.

8. Blogger Custom Domain

To make your blog as a brand, you must use a Top Level Domain (TLD). Because it attracts more readers and gets a good rank also. Blogger sub-domain based domain based blog rank well. But they saw as spam blogs. Simply readers don’t like sub-domain and there doesn’t have enough click rate. Recently blogger released free SSL for a custom domain. Just buy a custom domain, set up SSL and complete your blogger SEO settings.

9. Using Heading Tags

Creatively using heading tags attract more readers. It helps to rank on zero position also. You just use H2 to H6 in your posts technically. If you nicely optimize your posts using these heading tags, it helps to understand readers your content easily. Because they will find their important points greatly. Google also like this method and think as good ranking signal.

10. Limited Keyword Density

Once people can get rank using keyword stuffing. But nowadays it’s the reason for banned from the search result. Because Google brings many updates and these banned stuffing keywords. If your posts have too many keyword densities, it looks unnatural and reason for penalty. Always keep less than 1.5% keywords in every post and it’s never a reason for penalty. It helps to get rank fast and bring lot’s traffic also. In fact, your position on SERP will still good.

11. Filter Under Related Labels

Attaching most relevant labels (category) to posts most important. Because it helps to understand search engine bot that it’s relevant. If you’re writing any posts about marketing, then you must create a label called marketing. It helps to understand people that it’s in the right category. In fact, people also find it on the category as navigation. Never mistake here and it helps to reduce website bounce rate.

12. Image Optimization

Uploading a unique photo to your every post, one of the great SEO signal. Because it helps to boost image SEO. Optimize your images most important to drive more traffic. One of the biggest traffic came from image searches. So, you must upload a copyright free image to boost rank. You must give a smart ALT tag with a keyword, compress before upload and edit the image file name. You just upload supported formats like JPG, PNG or GIF images.

13. Mobile Friendly Templates

There have unlimited free blogger templates to use in your blog. These templates are completely SEO friendly, optimized for all kinds of devices (responsive) and super fast also. You just upload these super fast Blogspot themes to your blog and get rank fast. Because Google likes responsiveness, smartphone-friendly design. In Google’s August Core update, it’s still important facts.


If you have a blog on blogger, then just follow these 13 awesome Blogspot SEO strategies. Because that help to index your blog perfectly, get rank and drive organic traffic. Just follow this step by step blogger SEO tips and tricks to success in your blogging.