Getting more traffic helps to reduce bounce rate in a short time. But every blog doesn’t have enough traffic firstly. For that reason, they unable to make their blog Search Engine Optimization friendly. Having too many bounce rate harms SEO badly and it never helps to rank your blog. For that, you won’t able to succeed in blogging. But before starting a website, you must keep in mind something. That’s totally great things for everyone.

What is Bounce Rate?

In one word, the total number of visitors in your blog and their activities called bounce rate. Their sessions, the number of page views, internal links click and other activities increase or decrease your page bounce score. If your blog has poor quality navigation, low-quality contents or other bad issues, then it’s making bad things on SEO.

But if your blog has enough contents, readers spend lot’s time, have mobile-friendly themes then it brings a good score in your SEO. If your blog has good bounce score, then it also helps to increase conversions rate also.

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

There have many things to get rank on Google. But bounce most important of them. These things are the final stats of the blog bounce score:

  • More than 80%  bounce rate is very harmful
  • 70% to 80% is poor
  • 50% to 70% is the average score
  • 30% to 50% is excellent for your blog
  • But less then 20% bounce rate is confusion and it’s my error of analytics or causes for using third-party tracking.

Following 10 steps can help to fight against increasing blog bounce rate:

1. Write Interesting Content

Readers like funny and interesting articles. Because here they get information with entertainment. Make your content perfect and some funny examples. Because examples are the greatest part of success. If you give some accurate examples with funny images, then readers can understand your content. As a result, they will love your blog and read continuously.

2. Update Old Contents

Every blog has old articles and they are still important. But if there have no updates in old content, then it’s will the most SEO mistakes for the blog. Just include some new information in your old articles and change the updated date. No need to add to the information, just re-write in some paragraphs and that’s enough!

3. Don’t Popups

After starting a blog, most beginner bloggers think to earn more. For that reason, they put pop-up ads on their blog. But they don’t know that it’s harming their bounce rate and also SEO. There have many more options to make money from your blog. Juhttp://bloggercause.comst choose them and simply skip the popups network.

4. Make Short Paragraph

Every reader like to read short paragraphs and it increases their mind. If you are writing too long sentences in every paragraph, then it’s disturbing them and also a boring thing. Just write maximum 4-5 sentences in each paragraph and satisfied them.

5. Fix Broken Links

If there have too many or some broken links, then it’s harming your ranking badly. Because the links are important for SEO. If your question how to reduce bounce rate, then you must fix them by the new or working links.

6. Deep Internal Links

Are you reading Wikipedia regularly? If you read, then you will see their internal linking strategy. But how much links you need per posts? Actually, there has no limit and you must link with your other posts. But you must link using proper anchor text. Otherwise, it can harm your ranking. What is a good bounce rate question’s answer is here!

7. Ultra Fastest Page Speed

In Google’s ranking algorithm, they include one of the biggest facts. And this is page speed. If your blog speed not good or loading lazy, then it never keeps readers. Because slow loading blogs never get enough traffic and also ranking. Readers hate slow website and they need ultra-fast pages for reading. Use Page Speed Insights to check your page speed and then fix the error issues.

8. User-Friendly Navigation

Are sure to reduce bounce rate in your blog? If you are serious, then you must highlights user-friendly navigators in your website. You must keep clean widgets, back to top and breadcrumbs navigation system. They all help to make your blog awesome and increase readers trust.

9. Responsive Blog Theme

In this smartphone era, most web traffic came from mobile devices. So you must highlight your blog design for mobile users. You must choose an awesome SEO friendly and responsive design for your blog. Because they completely have done your work and attract huge readers in a short time.

10. External Links in New Window

Some bloggers don’t know the benefits of external links and their activities. They carry an amazing value of your blog and it’s most important advance SEO strategy also. But you must open all of your external links in a new tab. Otherwise, readers completely leave your blog and never helps bounce score. But if you open in a new tab, then they still have in your blog and helps your bounce.

End Words

To boost your blog traffic, you must need to improve SEO. But you can’t boost your website SEO until reduce bounce rate. You must and must take care following top 10 method and they help to control your bounce rate. In fact, they bring lot’s traffic also within few months.