Are you blogging and still have a good rank on Google?

Well, you are lucky that you already getting a good amount of traffic from Google. In fact, that awesome for your blog which has a good rank. But you must not forget about the featured snippets. Because this is another tactics to drive extra traffic. However, it helps to make your brand.

If you searching something on Google, you will show the best results from authority sites. Because they have quality contents, good structure of website and more things.

But if you analyze their results deeply, then you will see that most of their posts rank 0 positions on Google. But why they won this position and why not your blog getting this one?

Because they published the original article, have good quality internal and external links, getting backlinks from high authority websites, update their content regularly and many more things.

What is Google Featured Snippets?

A featured snippet is very special search results from Google. If you looking for some information on Google, they will show the specific result with an extra highlight in position zero.

But according to RankRanger, Google doesn’t show this result for every search. Only 11% of whole searches will be shown on the featured snippet. If any page showed this special result, then it will be shown on the top with a special border.

What is Google Featured Snippets

Remember that, Google doesn’t show the result from only the top position. It also matched from any position in SERP. If your blog post rank on 5 positions, but have quality content, then you also get high rank on 0 positions. Because Google doesn’t care to rank, they only care quality of the article.

Types of Featured Snippet

There are three types of featured snippets and they showed a different type of result for users. Let know who are they:

  • Paragraphs – 81.95%
  • List – 10.77%
  • Table – 7.28%

Now it’s time to learn this with featured snippet example. Because it may help to clear complete issue about it.

a. Paragraphs Featured Snippet

If anybody search on Google for any information, they will show specific information with paragraph. In the result, they will get their complete idea with summery. Because the whole result catches from your website summery. So, it’s important to publish the easy and summery based article.

b. List Featured Snippet

Bullets and Numeric points are still important for blogging. Because they also are shown on SERP option. If anyone searches for the best things, they will show the most important things with a nice list. If you are using good heading tags or bullets, then it will be shown here.

c. Table Featured Snippet

This is a better option to find any e-commerce based result. If anybody searches Google for the recent or updated price, compare or other things, they will get a direct table based result. So, you must insert a table for your article. There have many table plugins for WordPress, just install the best one and featured on Google.

How to optimize for featured snippets

If you want to rank zero position on Google, you are welcome. You need to work hard for it and finally, there is no grantee for it. Because it decided by Google and how they showed a result, it’s their matter. From experts, they suggest to complete the following requirements and they got enough results for it.

1. Analyze competitors featured snippet

Your competitors one of the biggest thing for doing Search Engine Optimization. Because they are better than you.

But you still need to continue your job. Because you must challenge them with your own strategy. An analysis is the best thing for your blog and it’s can boost your rank also.

You can search Google using their most rank keywords. Finally, you can get the best knowledge about them. Target the keyword and start building some quality backlinks also.

2. Keyword research is best

Google snippets always are shown with some specific keywords. For better analysis about this, you can use the best keyword research tools. Because they help to know the trending results too.

In fact, keywords are the most important fact for rank in Google. There are various things for your blog improvement. Keywords are the prime thing and they directly effect on your blog.

Your competitors still driving traffic from Google using your keywords. You can use this keyword suggestion tool to find long tail keywords. Because they are still important for getting rank on featured snippet.

3. Use question and answer

If you search on Google using how to, you will see that most of every result have position zero. Because how to articles mostly rank in 0 positions in Google.

It’s one of the smart idea from SERP that you need to use question or answer in your content. Quora or Yahoo Answers got most featured rank in Google. Because they have lot’s question and answer in their platform. Just think tactically and analyze which will better for your blog.

4. Content is still king

Your on-site search engine optimization totally depends on content. Because it is the mother of SEO and never boost ranking without this. Your content is everything and strong structure too.

The long article always ranks better than fewer articles. If you search Google, most results from 1st page have more than 1200 words. Because Google like it and they rank fast also.

Forgetting featured snippets ranking on Google, your website must have long articles. Because they drive a big amount of traffic, improve your website bounce rate and more benefits.

5. Using bullets and number

There have three types of featured snippets and this is one of them. The list is important for understanding your whole content summary in one place. Because users can find the most important point of their question.

List Featured Snippet

To getting an excellent result on Google snippet, you must build a good structure of bullets, number. It’s another part of successful blogging. Both the reader and search engine love your website and get extra traffic too.

6. Heading tag still important

There have six heading tags for the blog post. H1 is your post heading and no need to use again. But you can use multiple time H2-H6 tags. Because they are a supporter of the article. They build good quality post and readers understand your content quality. But be aware while using them. Because using the wrong format of heading can harm your SEO. But if you need rank on Google’s featured snippet, then it’s a must for you.


Every algorithm update, Google bring some changes. Featured snippets one of the biggest success for bloggers. Because they can get extra traffic from Google and rank two times on the same page. However, above these tips and tricks one of the challenging method for your competitors. Let’s start today and get rank on the Zero Position on Google.