If you want to create a free website using Blogspot, then you no need any hosting charge, domain charge (but custom domain must need) or any Content Delivery Network charge. Because they offer free website building for everyone. In fact, you choose unlimited blogger responsive templates to design it.

Blogger sitemap one of the most important part of SEO. Because it directly improves your ranking on Search Engine. Without any sitemap file in Blogspot, you can’t rank on Google but waste your time and money. If you think to rank better on Google, you just need to learn about sitemap before.

What is Sitemap?

In a word, sitemap means the whole blog links in one page. Human and Search Engine Bot can find any contents from here and read easily. You can build HTML and XML sitemap for them. HTML sitemap is for human readers to make as blog navigation & XML sitemap is for crawler bot to index contents.

Blogspot HTML sitemap is not important but you update blogger XML sitemap file properly. Because it helps to monitor your whole blog every day and show in search page. That’s the secret thing to drive traffic from Google or Bing. For making your sitemap for easier, you also can use Blogger Sitemap Generator from online and save your extra time. But if you’re following this post, you no need to use any automatic generator. Because here you will learn about whole things about how to submit Blogspot sitemap for major search engine.

Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google

Before starting blogger SEO chapter, you must setup blogger custom headers tags and Blogspot robots.txt file properly. Because it’s also the most important thing for Search Engine Optimization. Without these important elements, your SEO totally futility. So let’s go and learn how to submit Blogspot Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools.

#1 Step: Go to Google Search Console and select your blog.

#2 Step: Now go to Crawl > Sitemaps and here you see submission box.

#3 Step: From the right-top corner, click on the Add/Test Sitemap button and you will see a box.

#4 Step: Now paste the following code in the form area and click on Submit Sitemap:


#5 Step: If you completed submission, then click on the Refresh and your Google sitemap file successfully submitted for indexing. Now wait and write posts regularly and get index quickly by Google.

Your Turn

Sitemap most important and must have a thing to optimize your blog. If you still using blogger platform, then you must need to learn this blogger sitemap tips and tricks to boost ranking. Because search engine but doesn’t read your whole blog, then only see your XML sitemap and get information from here.