Domain Authority (DA) is an excellent thing which justifies website Search Engine Optimization score. The score provided by MozRank and that notify blog owner that which level is his blog. DA not part of Google SEO but it still important for bloggers. Because it has many facilities of ranking and indicates bloggers to boost their blog. If your blog has excellent DA, then it’s mean you have a high rank on Google. In fact, it’s shown many things from your website SEO Score.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority one of SEO ranking system which depends on various skills. If you backlinking profile strong, have lot’s social sharing, perfect linking to high authority blogs, niche related articles, then your DA is excellent. But if there have missed these things, your blog never improves DA score in Moz.

Sometimes, Search Engine Result Page (SERP) also effect on your DA score. If your link profile is not good, but having a nice ranking, then you will get a good DA score. Every month DA score is updated one or two times. In these times, if your blog lost quality, backlinks or other issues, then you can identify using DA.

What is a Good Domain Authority?

MozRank includes 100 scores in their algorithm scale. Here’s 100 is the best and 0 is the bed. If your blog has less than DA 20, then it’s never bring something changes in your SEO. But DA 30-50 is a very good score for ranking.

If you have more then DA 50, then it means your blog score is excellent. You have SERPs good position and also have lot’s traffic.

How to Check Domain Authority?

Moz has an official extension for Chrome to check DA. You also can check it using Open Site Explorer online tool. It’s official by MozBar and that shows you the real-time and accurate DA point out of 100. You are also able to know backlink age, linking pages, anchor text or most ranked pages. To show a complete result, you just need to upgrade your free account to pro. But in the free DA checker tool, you able to check daily five times. That’s not bad!

Note that, from August 30th, 2018, you can’t able to check DA by Moz. Because they announced that they will be closed permanently.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Although DA is important to point of SEO, it’s not Google’s official algorithm. Moz analyzes whole website linking profile, anchor text strategies, internal linking, important authority sources, etc. That also need Google. So, here I share the complete method to increase DA.

  1. Write Quality Content: Everyone know that quality content is the king. If you have poor quality articles, modify them and give some changes. Less than 500 words article always harmful. Publish more 1000 words, avoid copy-paste and it’s the hidden success of blogging.
  2. Quality Internal Links: During writing your posts, you must link your post to another related post with proper anchor text. Because it also helps to rank well in Search Engine properly.
  3. Linking to High Authority Blogs: Don’t forget to link your posts to high authority websites. Because they have authority and that inform Google Bot that you are publishing relevant and quality contents.
  4. Make Strong On-Page: If there have lack to on-page, then you won’t able to boost DA score. Just complete your blog on-page optimization and make string pillar. Because it’s the most and most important part of SEO.
  5. Build Quality Backlinks: Having some niche related quality backlinks with anchor text bring lot’s blogging success. You may do some guest post and do natural link building for your money blog.
  6. Update Old Contents: When we published too many posts and they rank well, then we forget old posts. But it’s a bad habit of blogging. Old contents are gold and you must update them. Because Google also likes updated things.
  7. Fix Broken Links: If your blog has some broken links, it causes to lose your DA. Because they harm your link profile and they never give something good. Always check your blog links and if there have any deadlinks, then fix them.
  8. Focus Social Traffic: You blog will get traffic from various sources. But social traffic is important for Search Engine. Because Google link social traffic and if you are able to drive lot’s from Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, then you able to boost your ranking too. You can install these social sharing WordPress plugins to get huge shares and traffic.


Having a good Domain Authority (DA) by MozRank, one of the important thing of blogging. Because this thing help to know the point of your blog SEO position. In fact, it also helps to find your competitors and their important data. That help to challenge them and analyze correctly.