Every beginner has lot’s question about how to start a blog. There has a simple and easy solution for it. You can start blogging and make money from the internet. But before starting your blogging career, you just need to learn basic things to get success. Because, if there have a lack of knowledge, you never succeed. But you will lose money, lot’s of valuable time and many more things. If you really want to include yourself in the online writing area, I will help you.

When I was reading in class 9th, then I started my first blog with Wapka (2010). In those moments, I have no idea about blogging and it’s strategies. After one year, I learn something and know actually what is blogging. Then I understand that actually, I was losing my important times on Wapka. Because of Wapka one of the free but boring platform for blogging. Then step by step, I learn about WordPress and Blogger platform.

How to Start a Blog

If you seriously include yourself in the blogging world, you must give a huge time here. Because it’s one of the smart profession and it’s can give lot’s yourself. Before start success blogging, you must need the following things:

1. About Your Blog (Niche): If you want to make a blog, then you must decide which category blog you actually make. If you have any skills, then I suggest writing about it. Because it’s a smart idea to start your successful blogging career. If you have enough knowledge about traveling, then start a travel blog. Because it’s right for you and it brings proper success.

2. Choose Your Blogging Platform: There are many blogging platforms (like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, etc) to start your blogging. But I suggest starting your first blog with WordPress. Because here you able to get huge blogging facilities, Search Engine Optimization benefits, cool blog themes, plugins and many more. You also can choose Blogger for its free hosting and domain. But WordPress is King.
3. Choose Better Host: Choosing the better hosting, one of the greatest blogging technique. Because, here is the most important success story for your blogging. I recommended starting your first blog with BlueHost. Because they provide the fastest speed and best hosting service for bloggers. In fact, it is the WordPress recommended hosting provider.

4. Choose Perfect Domain: After choosing a domain name, then your blog officially launched. Because it’s also called a brand of your company. You must buy the Top Level Domain (TLD) extension to make your blog as a brand. You also can buy the domain for your blog from BlueHost.

5. Start with WordPress: WordPress most popular CMS based blogging platform. If you want to create your own blog, then I suggest installing WordPress first. Because it simplifies your blogging and brings all essential blogging tools. If you choose WP, then you can easily install responsive themes, a plugin to make your blog SEO friendly or include more features.

6. Design Blog & Start Writing: After installing WordPress, simply choose any themes from WordPress store and complete your blog design. Always choose responsive and SEO friendly themes for WP. Because it’s another success part of blogging. Now start writing and publish your first post.

Blogging Platforms

Before making your own blog, you just need to learn about the blogging platform. Because it’s important blogging for beginners matter. There are many platforms to build your blog. But I will discuss the only WordPress vs Blogger.

Blogger vs WordPress

#1. WordPress: Most successful bloggers build their blogs on WP platform. Because here they got huge SEO benefits, unlimited themes, important WP plugins and many more. In fact, this is the simple but awesome CMS to launch a blog. Every success and popular blogs stand on WordPress and they drive huge traffic from Search Engine. There have 96% of blogs which build with this open source platform.

#2. Blogger: Many bloggers think that it’s the largest competitor of WordPress. But only 2.5% of blogs build with Blogspot platform. Here you able to create a blog without cost. In fact, there has no hosting cost also. But here you never get many facilities like free Blogspot templates, no plugins here and customization problem, etc. But as a beginner, you can choose Blogspot free blog to save money. Because you can migrate Blogger to WordPress later.

How to Blog Monetize?

To monetize your blog that means, making money from blogging, you must need some traffic. Because without traffic, you never earn money. You can complete your On-Page SEO and also Off-Page SEO to rank on Google. Because it helps to drive organic traffic and increase your revenue.

Affiliate Marketing: You can monetize your blog using affiliates and earn up to 10,000$ per month. Because it’s kind of earning and there have no alternatives.

Google Adsense: Google brings the largest advertising and publishing for bloggers. But if your blog is unable to complete Adsense policy, then you can’t able to use their ads. But you also can choose the best Google Adsense alternatives to earn more.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, your question solved how to start blogging. Because here are I discuss important point about blogging strategies. If you are newbie blogger and make your blog, then it’s the right solution for you. Read this article A to Z carefully and complete your online dream.